Get a great team behind you

Keeping your business ticking along shouldn’t be tricky. Our solar solution is designed to be hassle-free, minimising interruption to your business. It’s an end-to-end solar solution, to take you from assessment, to installation, to savings.


Getting going with solar

  • Knowing your business

    We’ll take the time to learn as much as we can about your business, your current energy usage, site location and other relevant information.

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    Crunching the numbers

    Based on your unique business requirements, AGL will tailor a quote for a solar solution at your premises. We are able to offer a range of payment options to make it easy to go solar.

  • Designing your system

    AGL will conduct a site inspection to determine the optimal location to install your system, identify the location for the inverter station, measure cable runs, and assess potential safety issues. From this site survey, AGL will prepare a detailed system design including system layout and electrical specifications to enable preparation of a network Connection Application.

  • Getting on the grid

    AGL will prepare a grid connection application for the proposed system and will negotiate a connection agreement with the relevant distribution network service provider.

  • Installing your system

    AGL will engage a CEC accredited installer to deliver the solar system at your site. A dedicated AGL Project Manager will ensure that all work is conducted safely and with the quality that you expect.

  • Producing your own energy

    AGL will commission your solar system in cooperation with the network service provider. Once your system is up and running, you will begin to see the financial benefits of going solar, and you and your employees can take pride that you have made a difference for the environment.

  • Ongoing service

    Between warranties, monitoring and AGL service, we’ll keep your system running smoothly so that you’re getting the most from your solar.

    Read our product warranty information.

Leading solar installation

From planning to post-installation support, our team of experts will take care of your solar installation, end-to-end.

A dedicated AGL project manager and Clean Energy Council accredited installer will ensure your system goes in safely, and will connect your system, ensuring that all regulatory procedures are followed.

Our experts are well recognised for their work, and were finalists in the 2017 Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation Awards for AGL’s installation at Victoria’s Zilzie Winery.

Did you know?

We offer multiple ways to go solar with access to financing or the option to pay upfront.