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Subsidies equal savings

Commercial lighting subsidies are available to organisations when upgrading from old, inefficient lighting to efficient LED lighting.

Through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme your business may be eligible for a financial incentive to upgrade your energy-draining halogens with energy-efficient LED lights. AGL is also an accredited and approved provider for the federal government’s Emissions Reduction Fund for larger projects.

When you choose AGL we help you apply to any relevant grants and subsidy schemes.

Benefits of efficient lighting

Lighting design is key to creating a productive environment for your staff, and a pleasant experience for your customers. But lighting can also be a major contributor to energy inefficiency in your business.

If reducing electricity consumption charges is your goal, putting a spotlight on lighting can get serious results. Through effective lighting design and management, some AGL clients have seen savings of up to 80% on the lighting component of their energy bill.

Plus, our LED lighting comes with the option of certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. That means if you choose carbon neutral we’ll offset the emissions generated from processes like the manufacture, supply and installation of the lighting products we sell. 

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Switch on to LED

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is currently the most efficient and longest lasting technology on the market.

Simply by shifting your lighting to efficient LEDs, you could reduce the amount of energy needed to power your business. LED lights use up to 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light, so you can save on power while creating a nice environment for your staff and customers.

We know that moving to LED is one of the quickest and easiest ways a business can reduce their electricity consumption charges. Find out how your business could save.

How we can help

Our lighting team helps businesses make savings through end-to-end services, including:

  • Lighting design for new and existing sites.
  • Cost-effective lighting system upgrades.
  • Project and tender management for upgrades and installations.
  • Installation by licensed and accredited electricians.
  • Assistance with any applicable grants and subsidy schemes.
  • Post-sale warranty support.

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Why choose efficient lighting?


Efficient LED lights cost less to run.

Sustainable choice

Our LED lighting products come with a carbon neutral option.^

Less Maintenance

LED lights last longer, so save on replacement costs.


Improve your aesthetics and working environment.

^Our lights are certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. Carbon neutral does not apply to their use, the energy supplied or consumed by them. You can offset emissions from energy consumption by adding Carbon Neutral Electricity or Gas to your energy bill.

Did you know?

Effective lighting design and management could save you up to 80% on your energy bill.

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