Installation and payments

Looking into commercial LED lighting? See the installation process, the payment options, and the plans available to you.

Is LED for me?

Probably! LED lighting solutions are well suited to a wide range of business environments including offices, warehouses, retail, industrial facilities as well as schools, hospitals and government buildings.

If lighting design is on your mind, we’ve got you covered. AGL’s range of energy efficient lights include high bays, troffers, downlights and many other commonly used lighting in business.

It's simple to switch to LED

AGL offers energy efficient lighting design for new and existing sites. Our lighting solution includes:

Lighting assessment

Premises visit and on-site assessment to understand your requirements and goals.

Tailored proposal

A detailed proposal that includes recommended products, estimated savings and the payback period.


Coordination of grants or rebates where applicable.


End-to-end installation project management, plus post-installation support and warranty advice.

AGL: your lighting partner

Specialist lighting consultants

Our experts will recommend the best lighting level, colour and technology for your business.

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Latest lighting efficiency technology

Our industry relationships mean that we source the latest high efficiency LEDs to design custom solutions.

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Flexible payment options

Whatever the size of your business, we know that cash flow management can often be a challenge. But when it comes to energy efficient lighting, we’re here to lend a helping hand. AGL offers a range of payment methods, so there’s one to suit your business’ budget and financial situation.

On bill

Suitable if you’re looking to invest in an energy-efficient solution without an upfront cost.*


Looking to reduce operating costs? Opt to pay upfront and enjoy long term savings.

*Available to eligible AGL electricity or gas customers.

Connect with an expert

Schedule an onsite assessment with our specialist team, and discover how your team can begin to see savings and enjoy an enhanced working environment.

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