Save through energy efficiency

The bottom line in managing business costs is that you want to save money. There are simple steps to working smarter with the energy you use to create cost savings. It starts with choosing the right energy partner.

Embracing energy efficiency means planning, using the tools and expertise of your energy expert, and making smart changes to existing systems. You could see the savings on your energy bills, and know that you’re taking part in building a sustainable business culture.


What we offer

Efficient LED lighting

Make smart savings when you upgrade your lighting to energy efficient LEDs. Our team will advise on design and management to maximise savings.

Power Factor Correction

Get your Power Factor under control, with our expertise combined with specialist equipment, designed to reduce your network demand charges.

Features and benefits

  • Savings

    Get expert help to reduce overall operating costs.
  • Expertise

    A solution to suit your business.
  • Technology

    Take advantage of the latest energy innovations.
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    Our products can help reduce your impact on the environment.

Did you know?

Energy efficient lighting

We’ll design a cost-effective upgrade best suited to your business, and complete the installation with minimal disruption.

Power Factor Correction

Installing a Power Factor Correction unit is a simple process for most businesses.

Is solar for your business?

As well as considering energy efficiency products, why not look to generate your own energy for further savings. Installing solar is another way your business can help reduce its electricity costs and do your bit to promote sustainability.

Our dedicated business solar experts help you create the solar system that best suits your needs. Your tailored solution is based on your electricity spend and usage. We’ll also help you manage all required approvals, connection of the solar system to the grid network, and applications for available rebates and feed-in tariffs.