New energy innovations

Switching to solar and taking advantage of our new energy products could reduce your energy consumption from the grid, helping your business save.

  • Help manage your energy costs, with predictable low-cost solar energy with our Smart Plan.
  • Reduce your energy consumption, with an energy efficient LED lighting upgrade.
  • Smarter energy use, with Power Factor Correction technology.

Start saving with solar

Switching to solar is easy with AGL. Go solar for $0 upfront, or pay upfront and own the system straight away.

  • Help lower your daytime energy costs by producing and consuming energy from the solar system.
  • Potential for an immediate tax deduction on purchases of business assets less than $20,000.*
  • You could be paid for the excess electricity the solar system feeds back into the grid.**

Offer valid for three months from date of signed Electricity or Gas Sales Agreement. *Seek independent tax advice to see if your small business could benefit from the upfront purchase of a solar system. **Dependent on your location, government regulation and energy plan with your electricity retailer. ^Discount applied to upfront purchase price of the system. Minimum system size 30kW. Limited to one site per ABN.

Switch on to LED lighting

Lighting upgrades can be a cost effective way to improve energy efficiency.

  • Save money on your energy bills through reduced energy consumption.
  • Our team of specialists design and deliver a tailored solution.
  • Replacing halogen downlights with LEDs can reduce energy costs by up to 80%.

Offer valid for three months from date of signed Electricity or Gas Sales Agreement. + If you purchase a minimum of 10 high bays.


Increase efficiency with Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction is designed to minimise the amount of ‘unusable power’ drawn from the grid.

  • Reduce kVA demand and therefore reduce electricity costs.
  • Extend the life of your equipment.
  • More power for site expansion without needing new switchboards and cable.

Offer valid for three months from date of signed Electricity or Gas Sales Agreement. *Minimum system size 125kVAr. Additional costs may apply for non-standard installation, extra cabling, upgrades or modification to switchboards or meters.

  • Experience

    With over 175 years of experience, we’re constantly growing, creating and innovating to provide clean and affordable energy.

  • Quality

    We only use high quality panels and products which undergo numerous control checks throughout the production process.

  • Tailored

    After an in-depth conversation, our experts will tailor a system to match the size and energy requirements of your business.

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