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Select one of our simple, competitive energy plans and we'll take care of your electricity and gas, so you can get back to achieving your business goals.

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Make a difference with our carbon neutral energy certified by Climate Active.

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We can tailor efficient energy solutions to help you reduce costs, control overheads and show you're serious about sustainability.

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We're always innovating. So we're always evolving the ways we help your business grow.

Brew your own energy

“It's really important to us that AGL is investing heavily into renewable energy sources – hydroelectricity, wind farms, solar.” - Oscar McMahon, Founder, Young Henrys Brewing.

Good business sense

Regardless of your goals, reviewing the efficiency of energy consumption is becoming increasingly commonplace as it makes better business sense.

Energy audit pays

“We’d never have thought about the heat seals and the hot water system being big energy consumers – it would never have crossed our minds.” Robyn McGowan, Director, Corryong IGA.

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A lot's changed in the 180 years we've been in business. We've brought power to homes and businesses in ways our founders would only have dreamed of. How can we help you?

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