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My AGL IQ Business Features

Monitor Your Energy Usage

My Usage

We've made it easy for you to see how much energy your business is using and how this translates to dollars and cents.

Stay in control by:

  • Tracking your energy usage.
  • If you're an electricity customer with a smart meter that is not manually read, you can use My AGL IQ® to see your bill projection.

Smart Electricity Meters

If you have a smart meter that is not manually read, then your energy usage is updated daily and you can monitor your usage in 60 minute intervals. This means you can see how your usage changes when your business is in operation and when it is not.

Basic Meters - Electricity and Gas

If you have a manually read electricity meter or a gas meter, your usage information for each billing period is displayed in an easy to read graph.

This allows you to compare your energy usage and usage charges to previous billing cycles.

Set Up Your Business Profile

Set up your business profile to:

  • Receive targeted advice that could lower your energy usage.

My IQ Features Busi

Set Targets to Save

Once you've created a business profile and begun monitoring your energy usage, you can start making changes to lower your energy usage and save on your bills.

By monitoring your energy usage and bill amounts, setting goals and implementing practical tips, you could reduce your energy usage. If you're an electricity customer with a smart meter that is not manually read, you could also monitor your bill projections as you go.

It's as easy as:

  • Setting a goal.
  • Reducing energy usage by taking practical steps.
  • Tracking how you are performing against your goals.

chart my goal

To get started, simply log in to AGL Energy Online and you can receive targeted savings advice and tips by completing your business profile. If you haven't registered yet for AGL Energy Online, don't worry - it's easy. Just register now, and in a few minutes you'll be on the way to monitoring your energy usage.

New to AGL? Sign up for one of our competitive energy plans.

My AGL IQ® is a registered trademark of AGL Energy Limited.



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