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Jump! Swim School

What would a swimming school splash a $5,000 boost on?

With every small business being different, it’s safe to assume that how each one would spend a $5,000 boost would change from one to the next.

But when it comes to safety, Amanda Hicks, owner of Jump! Swim School in Fairfield, Victoria, never assumes anything.

“When you’ve got dozens of kids in and around a swimming pool, it’s hard not to make safety your number one priority,” says Amanda. “So if I found $5,000 more sitting in the bank, I’d happily and quickly spend it on ways for keeping them out of harm’s way.”

And for her workplace, she sees money like this being well spent on extra floor matting.

“Kids naturally get excited when they’re at the pool and learning to swim,” explains Amanda. “And just like their parents, we’re always telling them to slow down and not run when they’re out of the water.

“So even though we have safety mats down around the pool already, adding some new ones to the mix would give us that extra level of slip prevention,” she points out.

Clearly though, there are many other places that a cash boost could be applied.

Keeping the pool water clean and comfortable is another big item on Jump! Swim School’s health and safety agenda – and one that can put a decent strain on their energy costs.

“Parents who wonder how much it must cost to run a hot bath for the kids each night, just imagine heating a pool day after day!” Amanda jokes.

“Automatic pool mats retain heat and do a perfect job at keeping water warmer for longer, but they’re also expensive to buy,” she explains. “I know they’ll wind up paying for themselves, but having a little extra to play with now would help me get in the door sooner.”

And according to Amanda, there’s one idea in her industry that seems to never go out of fashion – and that’s the trusty pool vacuum.

“Looking after a dozen kids at a time in the water is what I love to do, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t wear me out,” Amanda admits.

“While there’s nothing I’d change about the work I do, having a new vacuum would definitely help save a little energy of my own after a long day at the office!”



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