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How could a bonus $5,000 help pump up your small business?

From people to property, there’s always plenty to juggle as a small business owner. That’s why it can often be as stressful as it is rewarding.

But in the day-to-day of running your own show, it can be the health of your bank account that can cause the most sleepless of nights. Yet not for the reason you might first think.

“There’s more to having cash in the bank than just knowing you can take care of the bills,” says Ray Seymour, owner of Reservoir Tyrepower in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. “There’s also realising you have what it takes to get your business to that next level.”

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What would a swimming school splash a $5,000 boost on?

With every small business being different, it’s safe to assume that how each one would spend a $5,000 boost would change from one to the next.

But when it comes to safety, Amanda Hicks, owner of Jump! Swim School in Fairfield, Victoria, never assumes anything.

“When you’ve got dozens of kids in and around a swimming pool, it’s hard not to make safety your number one priority,” says Amanda. “So if I found $5,000 more sitting in the bank, I’d happily and quickly spend it on ways for keeping them out of harm’s way.”

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