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AGL & Church Resources

Working together for you.

AGL and CR logos_orangeAGL are proud to partner with Church Resources to support the dedication of the not-for-profit sector in assisting Australian communities.

Our commitment to you goes far beyond just supplying energy. Your dedicated Church Resources Account Management Team is your direct point of contact for all matters and questions relating to your energy needs. Just email us at’re here to help, in any way we can.

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Proactive advice and solutions.

Our biggest priority is to ensure you always enjoy the best of value, services and energy advice. It's all about smart solutions that make your life easier. If something happens in the wider energy market that could have a significant effect your organisation, we’ll review the potential impact and get in touch to let you know. We’ll also explore other options so you’re free to make your own decisions on what to do next.

Flexible billing options.

Different organisations have different ways of doing things, including making payments. With AGL you can choose from a variety of payment options. You may also like to consider other popular services such as eBilling or Collective billing.

  • eBilling is available for all individually-billed AGL accounts and replaces the need for paper bills. To sign up for eBilling, simply email us and provide your account number.
  • Collective billing is great idea if you have more than 10 sites in the one state. Once set up it means you’ll only receive one electronic invoice for all of your sites, which could be far more convenient to manage. Contact us to find out more.

Understanding your bill.

We try to keep things simple. But we appreciate energy bills can still be a little hard to understand at times. To help, we’ve created a series of bill explainers. Just click the relevant link below for a simple, step-by-step explanation.

Electricity - less than $30K p.a.   
Gas - less than $30K p.a.        Electricity - more than $30K p.a.    Gas - more than $30K p.a.       

Enjoy the VIP treatment.

We value your business and would like to say thank you for remaining a loyal business customer of AGL. As a way of showing our appreciation, we’d like you to be able to enjoy great VIP discounts on your home energy too.

Church Resources and AGL are proud of our partnership, and the exclusive offers and services available to Church Resources members and not-for-profit organisations.

Together we continue to work for you, to oversee the level of service and offers made available as a result of this partnership. We thank you for your support in enabling greater outcomes for the not-for-profit sector.

Follow these simple steps to access great savings on your home energy:

  1. Click on the ‘Find out more’ button below.
  2. Select your State from the drop down menu and click on the ‘It all starts here’ button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter your promo code and click ‘Verify’ (Your promo code is ‘Church’).
  4. Complete and submit the final questions on the form online and then start enjoying your discount across your home electricity and gas bills.

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Smarter Energy Solutions.

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Maximise energy efficiency. Minimise energy costs.

Beyond supplying you with energy, AGL also offers a wide range of smart energy solutions. From more efficient lighting and solar solutions to better ways to monitor your energy usage, they’ll help you maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Could some of these solutions help your organisation too?

Renewable solar options.

Each year more and more organisations discover the benefits of going solar. After all, every kWh your solar system generates is a kWh you don’t have to buy, directly reducing your operating costs. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, AGL makes going solar hassle-free. We can also create a tailored AGL solar Smart Plan for you, including a $0 upfront option, that lets your organisation start saving immediately.

Contact your Business Development Manager to find out more

Specialist lighting efficiency services.

Did you know efficient lighting design and management has the potential to reduce lighting energy costs by up to 80%? It’s why speaking with an AGL lighting specialist makes a lot of sense. They’ll provide an on-site assessment of your premises, advice on the most appropriate and efficient types of lighting to use, and even help you investigate and coordinate any relevant grant funding and/or rebates you could be eligible for.

Contact your Business Development Manager to find out more

Power Factor Correction.

You may be surprised to know that it’s quite common for electrical equipment to draw more energy than it can actually use. If left unattended this can lead to something known as a poor ‘Power Factor’ – and a lot of wasted money. To prevent this from happening we can assist you with the implementation of market-leading Power Factor Correction strategies and the installation of relevant equipment. These can help to reduce your energy demand, extend the life of your equipment, comply with regulatory codes and potentially make more power available for site expansion without the need for new switchboards and cabling.

Contact your Business Development Manager to find out more

Like to find out more?

Simply get in touch with your AGL Business Development Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, or contact our dedicated Church Resources service centre.
Phone: 1300 793 477
For more information on Church Resources visit
 Lauren Van Der Zalm  Stephen De Mel
 Business Development Manager, Church Resources  Customer Relationship Manager, Church Resources
 Direct: (03) 8633 7402  Direct: (03) 8633 6917
 Mobile: 0477 764 517  Mobile: 0475 985 577
 Email:  Email:



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