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Flexible energy procurement with AGL PUMP

Choose AGL PUMP (Power Up Modular Purchasing) for greater control and transparency over your energy procurement. Businesses with an annual energy consumption of more than 10 GWh may be eligible.

An alternative to fixed-term energy contracts, AGL PUMP provides you the flexibility to progressively purchase electricity and gives you more control over the price you pay.

Two workers in high vis walking through a plant looking at a clipboard AGL understands your business requirements

Why choose AGL PUMP

A close up on a laptop on a wooden table with the AGL PUMP page on the screen

Control over pricing

No need to commit to a fixed price for your electricity up front, for the full contract term. You control the purchase of your electricity.

Flexible purchase options

Progressively purchase your electricity in small blocks (minimum of 1 MW) for a quarter of a calendar year or financial year. 

Monitor and optimise

Shift your strategy as wholesale electricity prices change. Monitor the market and lock in rates throughout your contract term. 

AGL PUMP portal

Manage your account and progressively purchase your required energy with the AGL PUMP portal. Check the AGL price, make informed decisions, read the energy cost breakdowns and keep a purchase history – all in one place. 

Two coworkers wearing hard hats, smiling and looking at a tablet screen while standing in a warehouse Manage your account and purchase required electricity with AGL PUMP

Choose your AGL PUMP solution

With tailored solutions for a range of industries, AGL PUMP can meet the needs of your business.