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Carbon Neutral 

With our Carbon Neutral option, AGL purchases offset credits equal to the greenhouse gas emissions from gas, electricity, solar and energy efficiency products we deliver for your business.

Our offsets are sourced from projects where the credits are certified under the Commonwealth government's Climate Active program.

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Carbon offsetting

Offsetting means for every unit of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the delivery of your energy or product, we purchase and retire eligible offset units.  These offset units are in relation to projects that often have additional community benefits.

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Scope 1,2 & 3

Solutions to meet your scope 1,2 and 3 requirements.

Direct emissions

Sources of greenhouse gas emissions owned or controlled by your business such as on site combustion of natural gas or fuel emissions from vehicle use.

Indirect emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from the consumption of energy such as grid sourced electricity.  

Indirect emissions

Emissions resulting from activities and assets not owned or controlled by a business, but indirectly attributed to a business in its value chain. For example, emissions embodied in activities related to the supply, install and maintenance of a solar system.

Climate Active certification

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between Australian businesses and the Commonwealth government. The Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard sets the requirements that must be met for an offset unit to be eligible for use as part of a carbon neutral claim. 1 offset = 1 tonne of greenhouse gases (CO2e). Scheme participants meet the requirements of Climate Active certification.

Climate Active Network Member logo Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between Australian businesses and the Commonwealth government

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