The AGL Business Everyday Energy Plan is available to business customers as part of an ongoing Market Contract. The discounts under this Energy Plan will apply for an initial period of 24 months. We may contact you before the end of your Energy Plan Period to notify you of new discounts that will apply to you. If we don’t contact you, the discounts will continue to apply for a further Energy Plan Period. You can view AGL’s Market Contract General Terms here.

Variable Rate: This Energy Plan includes variable rates, which AGL can vary at any time. If we vary your rates, we will notify you in writing (which may be on your next bill after the change).

Guaranteed Discount off Usage and Supply Charges: You'll get this discount off your usage and daily supply charges for the length of your Energy Plan Period. The discount does not apply to fees or other charges, such as demand or green charges. This discount will appear as a separate credit on your bill.

Visit this page to view information about AGL's rates.