Who can sign up to this offer?

All small business customers where AGL supplies electricity and gas, in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia are eligible for this offer (it’s not available in WA).

Eligible small business customers need to have:

Is this offer only available to new customers or can existing AGL customers receive it? 

AGL Business Essentials is available to existing and new customers, for gas and/or electricity.

How can I compare my current energy rates with the rates AGL will be offering as part of the AGL Business Essentials offers? 

For existing customers, you will need to refer to your most recent energy bill/s to view rates. Alternatively, you can look at your Confirmation Pack which outlines the terms and conditions of your current plan. Please note that AGL’s rates under AGL Business Essentials offer are fixed and will differ to the rates offered under AGL’s Business Essentials Saver plan.

For prospective customers, you can review your most recent bill and compare those rates to the applicable rates under the AGL Business Essentials plan for your Distribution zone.

I’m not an AGL customer, how long will it take for my account to transfer to AGL and become part of the AGL Business Essentials offer? 

As a new customer to AGL, you will become part of the AGL Business Essentials offer when your transfer to AGL is complete. This will occur after your next available meter read. You will receive a final bill from your previous retailer up to the transfer date. After that, you will receive an email or letter from AGL to confirm that you have been transferred to AGL.