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AGL's cogeneration specialists provide commercial solutions to meet your requirements.

Every cogeneration installation is different. AGL’s cogeneration specialists have the ability to tailor a commercial solution to meet your site energy requirements.

AGL’s team of cogeneration specialists conduct site specific assessments and feasibility studies to determine the solution to best fit your site. 

This assessment forms the first part of a six step process.

Cogeneration 6steps

Financing options

Capital Purchase

AGL Energy Services can provide you with a fixed price for a comprehensive turnkey package.

On Bill Recovery Financing Program

The On-Bill Recovery Financing Program is a convenient way to finance the project to make your business more energy efficient.

The payments appear as a separate line item on your utility bill and will be spread equally over the term of the utility contract.

Build, Own, Operate Scheme

AGL can provide a ‘Build, Own and Operate’ scheme (BOO) for select assets. 

Our portfolio currently consists of 25 'BOO' assets which have been delivered through AGL investing the upfront project capital and operational expenditure on the basis of AGL building, owning and operating each facility and ongoing operations and maintenance for the term of the agreement with AGL. 

This model has applied to numerous projects across a spectrum of applications, technologies and fuels including:

  • Natural gas cogeneration
  • Biomass generation
  • Biogas generation
  • Landfill gas generation
  • Coal gas generation
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

We evaluate each opportunity to achieve BOO asset growth and offer total energy solutions, building long term relationships that deliver mutual value.

Partnering with us in an AGL built, owned and operated asset provides you the following advantages:

  • Carbon footprint reduction (managed by AGL)
  • Avoided capital investment
  • Guaranteed plant performance
  • Continued focus on core business
  • Flexibility of commercial arrangement.

In addition to AGL’s cogeneration assets, there are also CNG, embedded generation and biogas / biomass.

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