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About Cogeneration

At AGL we are cogeneration specialists.

"We will work with you to understand your business energy needs and provide peace of mind solutions to harness the benefits of solutions such as cogeneration."

When you implement a cogeneration solution with AGL, you will receive an engineered solution tailored to your commercial needs.

Partnering with AGL Energy Services brings you integrated and commercially attractive cogeneration solutions to generate electricity and heat, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our cogeneration solutions:

  • Meet the needs of and develop long term value for customers.
  • Manage energy price risk.
  • Improve the carbon footprint and energy efficiency of customers operations.

What is cogeneration?

Cogeneration integrates the simultaneous production of usable heat and electrical power into one process from a single fuel source. 

Combining the two processes means that heat is extracted while electricity is being generated – reducing waste significantly. The result – up to 85% of the primary energy is usable.

AGL Cogeneration diagram

Benefits of cogeneration

Cogeneration may boost a company's competitiveness by increasing their efficiency and productivity of fuel used on-site.

The recovery and productive use of waste heat from power generation is a critical first step in a productivity-oriented environmental strategy. Cogeneration is an economically beneficial approach to reducing air pollutants through mass pollution prevention, whereas traditional pollution control achieved solely through flue gas treatment provides no profitable output and actually reduces efficiency and useful energy output.

Cogeneration provides the following direct benefits:

  • Systems can be tailored to individual needs with advanced equipment choices.
  • May reduce peak electric energy costs and demand charges.
  • High overall efficiency – up to 85% at the point of use.
  • Improving the competitiveness of industry and business.
  • Increased flexibility and reliability of energy supply.
  • Flexible and responsive heat supplies with wide variety of technological options.
  • Reduced overall demand from centralised, such as large scale coal or gas fired power plants, thus reducing stress on the electricity grid.
  • Reduces vulnerability to power outages.
  • CO2 savings in comparison to conventional forms of energy generation.
  • Proven and reliable technology.

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