In an evolving energy market, AGL is guided by two key strategic imperatives: to prosper in a carbon-constrained future and to build customer advocacy as consumer expectations evolve.

To deliver on this strategy, AGL is changing in four key ways.

  • We're moving from being a mass retailer to a personalised retailer - Empowering our customers to take charge of their energy usage, through simple solutions, smart technology and personalised service.
  • We’re transitioning from being an owner and operator of large generation assets, to an orchestrator of both large and small assets - We’re investing in a shared future, where energy can be generated, stored and shared by individuals, not just by companies like us.
  • We’re moving from using high, to lower-emissions generation technology - Our commitment to gradually close our coal-fired power stations, means we are making way for new, low-carbon, generation.
  • We’re moving from leveraging business platforms in existing markets, to leveraging platforms in existing and new markets - Our expansion into the Western Australian gas market has created new retail opportunities.