Our strategy

Read about AGL's strategy to succeed in a changing environment.

AGL has three simple strategic priorities: growth, transformation and social licence.


We think about growth as meeting customer needs along three horizons:

  1. Optimising our existing portfolio for performance and value.
  2. Evolving and expanding our core energy market offerings.
  3. Creating new opportunities with connected customers.


Building on AGL’s 180-year heritage, we must keep repositioning ourselves for the modern world. This means that our digital transformation will continue, and we’ll adopt and embed best-in-class technology and data analysis wherever we can.

Social licence

Social licence is about meeting and exceeding community expectations. Our ongoing investment in energy supply, our commitment to drive better customer outcomes, our actions to support vulnerable customers and reviewing our key customer and community commitments are integral to this. But we know there’s more we need to do.

FY21 Social Licence Report

This report outlines our performance and progress against the Social Licence focus areas that we consider to be the most important to our business and stakeholders. 

AGL's Climate Statement

We are working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise our environmental footprint.

Our commitments

Discover what we stand for as a business.