The Australian energy industry is in transition, moving towards a lower emission and renewable energy future.

This is a significant technological, economic and social change.

As the biggest generator in the country, the largest private developer of renewable energy projects, and one of Australia’s largest energy retailers – AGL is uniquely placed to drive this change.


In 2015 we released our revised Greenhouse Gas Policy. The policy set parameters for our strategy, and included an orderly exit of our coal-fired power stations. It was a clear statement of our commitment to the decarbonisation of our generation portfolio.

In 2016 we committed to a detailed strategic review of our approach to rehabilitation, recognising the increasing need to inform our stakeholders on our approach to managing the risks and opportunities associated with rehabilitation and the energy transition.

In 2017 we released Rehabilitation: AGL’s approach to rehabilitation of power generation infrastructure. The report summarises the outcomes of the strategic review of rehabilitation requirements, and our understanding of the challenges associated with repowering, repurposing and rehabilitating large power generation sites.

Closure timeline


The report also outlines our commitment to evidence based, best practice site transition. It serves as a foundation for engagement with our people, communities, investors and policy makers, and provides a methodology to identify options for our generation sites post closure.

Liddell Innovation Project

We believe the Hunter Region of NSW is the right place to model our industry’s transition, and if managed well, can be a template for other regions to follow.

The release of our Greenhouse Gas Policy in 2015, provided 7 years notice of Liddell Power Station’s closure.

We recognise that as our industry transforms, our responsibility stretches beyond reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. It also includes supporting the people and communities who have supported us.

We firmly believe, that even though Liddell as we know it today will change, the site has significant value. We have highly skilled people, land, water, transport and energy infrastructure. It is an attractive and viable site for potential development, whether for energy, industry, manufacturing, agriculture or other bespoke development.

We are committed to working with local business, industry, government, and our people to identify new opportunities, encourage economic diversification and new employment opportunities in the Hunter Region on NSW.

That’s why we have launched the Liddell Innovation Project, building on work done by the Hunter Energy Transition Alliance, that was formed in 2015 to explore job creation and economic diversification.

We are seeking proposals from businesses and organisations who see potential value in the Liddell site and resources, and who are looking for the opportunity to develop new business ideas.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible use for surplus land and resources on the Liddell site post 2022.

Stay informed

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