AGL Energy has launched its Electrify Now platform to Australians across the National Electricity Market, helping households to understand the potential benefits of electrifying their homes by providing personalised information for the most impactful upgrades.

AGL’s Electrify Now helps customers to understand their potential energy bill and carbon savings if their home switched to solar, battery, heat pump hot water, an electric vehicle (EV) and/or induction cooktop, with users able to pick and choose which upgrades suit their budget and lifestyle.

This comes a year after the successful pilot program, which saw more than 6,500 AGL customers receive estimated energy bill and carbon savings for installing solar and battery, with the platform improved to now include more Australians, as well as further electrification products.

The enhanced platform also provides households the estimated payback period on their investment for solar, battery and heat pump hot water systems, as well as connecting users to AGL’s installation partners.

Results from the pilot program indicated that 62 per cent of customers surveyed were interested in electrification to help reduce the cost of their energy bills, with 77 per cent of those surveyed interested in upgrading to an electric water system.

AGL Chief Customer Officer, Jo Egan, said launching the Electrify Now platform to Australian households across the National Electricity Market demonstrates AGL’s commitment to helping customers decarbonise the way they live, work and move.

“Whether or not you are a customer with AGL, households will have access to personalised information about the potential benefits of an electric home. We’ve taken the lessons from the pilot to significantly enhance the experience to help empower Australians in making the first step to home electrification,” Ms Egan said.

For eligible users of the platform with a smart meter,1 AGL is also the first Australian energy retailer to use Consumer Data Right (CDR) electricity data to estimate potential energy bill and carbon savings from upgrading to home electrification products.

“AGL understands that upgrading to a more energy efficient home can be confusing and complex. Our aim is to deliver accessible, easy to understand and affordable energy solutions for our customers – no matter where they are on their electrification journey,” Ms Egan said.

“We are proud to be the first Australian energy retailer to offer this innovative technology solution, which uses CDR data to help eligible customers understand the potential benefits of home electrification.

“AGL’s Electrify Now service complements policies and programs being rolled out by state and federal governments that support energy efficiency and electrification technologies for homes.”

To date, Electrify Now has already delivered valuable insights about customer preferences:

  • When surveyed on which upgrades they were interested in 77 per cent of the respondents indicated hot water systems and 64 per cent said induction cooktops.
  • When asked why they were interested in the Electrify Now personalised data, 62 per cent indicated reduce their bill, 56 per cent were looking to replace gas appliances and 42 per cent answered to reduce their carbon footprint.