Link to AGL’s response

AGL Energy Limited (AGL) today has issued a response to the public release of statements, media comments and other documents about its proposed Demerger by third parties over recent weeks. The response corrects several inaccuracies in this content and highlights key facts including statements published in AGL’s Demerger Scheme Booklet.

The information released by AGL today reaffirms its strong commitment to investment in renewables and decarbonisation and reiterates the financial strength, including anticipated investment credit grade ratings, of both AGL Australia and Accel Energy.

AGL Managing Director and CEO Graeme Hunt encouraged all AGL shareholders to read the Scheme Booklet which sets out important information including the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with the Demerger, to assist Shareholders to make an informed decision on how to vote.

“AGL Energy has outlined a clear and detailed demerger plan that is the best path forward for the company, for shareholders, and for Australia’s responsible energy transition. It has been unanimously recommended by the AGL Energy Board and it is supported by the Grant Samuel Independent Expert report,” Mr Hunt said.

“It is critical that AGL shareholders make this important decision based on information that is factual and consistent.”

For more information on the demerger shareholders can visit