AGL is recruiting up to 100,000 customers to reduce their energy usage and costs this summer with the expansion of AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards demand response program.

The program aims to reduce electricity demand during peak times and improve grid stability and over the past two years has awarded customers more than one million dollars in bill credits.

AGL Chief Customer Officer, Christine Corbett said the program had proven to be an effective way to reduce customer bills while also reducing emissions and demand on the grid.

“We are really excited to double the number of participants in our program this year and offer our customers a new way to save while making a personal contribution to Australia’s energy transition,” Ms Corbett said.

“As the weather gets warmer, we switch on air-conditioners, pool pumps and fans, so energy usage and costs can start to rise quickly.

“By giving customers the option to temporarily use less energy during a ‘peak event’ they can be rewarded with credits towards their electricity account if they hit their energy reduction targets.

“Last year we had more than 51,000 customers participate with an average energy reduction of 40% per customer, per peak events - the equivalent of powering 6,000 average homes for one day or enough energy to charge more than 12.6 million Apple iPhones.

“As customers embrace the energy transition and look for ways to make a difference, this program provides them with the ability to reduce their own household emissions, last year supporting the reduction of more than 120 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“I really encourage any customer who wants to improve their energy usage and costs to get involved in this year’s program.

“As Australia’s largest energy-led multi product retailer, we are constantly evolving our technologies and products to offer more efficient and affordable energy solutions for our customers. 

“When AGL launched its Climate Statement, we committed to a cleaner tomorrow with net zero emissions by 2050 and this program is one of many ways we are progressing toward that target.”

Peak events typically run for two hours and customers can register their interest for the Peak Energy Rewards program by visiting the website.