AGL has today announced Perth Energy and Powerdirect customers can now opt into carbon neutral electricity, allowing residential, small business and large commercial and industrial customers the option to reduce their carbon footprint.

AGL’s Chief Customer Officer, Christine Corbett said more than 13,500 customers had already signed up to the product, which was recently launched in the eastern states.

“We have been clear that we must manage the energy transition in a way that supports our communities and customers, and the quick uptake of this product is proof we’re delivering.

“We know many of our customers care about shaping a more sustainable future and AGL recognises it must continue to evolve and innovate to help enhance the way Australians live and work.

“Launching this product to our customers at Perth Energy and Powerdirect is an important next step in our commitment to providing carbon neutral options on all AGL products as set out in our Climate Statement.

“Carbon Neutral electricity is certified by Climate Active and by the end of FY21, we are planning carbon neutral options across all our products - be they electricity, gas or telecommunications – providing our customers with cleaner and more sustainable options on their essential services.”

Offering customers choice is part of AGL’s Climate Statement, which confirms AGL’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 and recognises three major forces driving Australia’s energy transition: customer demand, how communities act, and how technology evolves.

Perth Energy CEO, Giles Redmile said more and more customers are demanding decisive and achievable actions when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and our carbon neutral electricity product allows businesses to choose what is right for them.

“We know providing a sustainable option on essential services is critical as everyone seeks to do their part to create a cleaner energy future,” Mr Redmile said.

“By signing up, our customers will be able to contribute towards important projects that are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as a reforestation project in WA called Carbon Conscious and the Burns Stove project in Kenya.

“Our Perth Energy team are really excited to begin offering this option to our customers and I believe the community will embrace certified carbon neutral electricity.”

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