AGL is helping Alto Group, an automotive business established more than 60 years ago, become more sustainable using solar energy and other initiatives that are already producing cost savings.

Over the last two years AGL has installed 506 kilowatts of solar panels on seven sites across Sydney, replaced hundreds of halogen lights with more efficient LED lights and installed power factor correction (PFC) equipment to improve the electrical efficiency of its equipment and reduce energy demand.

Alto Group Managing Director Anthony Altomonte said the investment of almost $500,000 was paying off by reducing energy usage by about 20 percent and saving about $140,000 per year on its bills.

“Cost has always been an issue in the auto industry, which has high turnover and tight margins, but it’s a greater issue now,” Mr Altomonte said.

“Car dealerships are also very energy hungry with bright showroom lights, air-conditioning for comfort, and workshops operating from Monday to Friday.

“The installation of solar reduces our environmental footprint and keeps our energy costs down which makes us more sustainable in the long term.”

Founded by Mr Altomonte’s father George in 1956, Alto Group has more than 600 staff and sells more than 18,000 vehicles a year from 13 dealerships in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales.

AGL’s General Manager Commercial and Industrial Customers, Ryan Warburton said AGL was proud to partner with Alto Group to reduce its operating costs with solar energy, lower energy and maintenance costs with LED lighting, and reduced network charges with PFC equipment.

“Businesses across a range of industries can not only enjoy the financial rewards of solar systems, efficient lighting and power factor correction, but also the environmental benefits through lower carbon emissions,” Mr Warburton said.

“From offering customers a certified carbon neutral option on all electricity contracts to working with customers to reduce emissions, AGL is proud to play its part in the energy market transition.

”This is consistent with our Climate Statement commitments to contribute to the decarbonisation of the economy, which is what our customers want and the community expects.”

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