AGL today announced that its electricity prices for Victorian standing offer customers will fall by an average of 21.1 percent effective 1 July 2019 as per the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) implemented by the State Government.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the VDO, AGL will also reduce prices for its non-flat standing offer customers.

AGL will continue to offer low rates that are expressed simply to provide further price transparency in the market.

AGL Interim Chief Customer Officer Mark Enzinger said the regulatory changes had been designed to empower and encourage customers to find the best energy plans available.

“AGL is committed to making it as easy as possible for our customers to find the best plans available,” Mr Enzinger said.

“This pricing announcement only impacts electricity customers on standing offers.

“This is part of a series of changes being implemented across the state.

“The Thwaites Review will see new measures introduced including displaying the best generally available offer on the front page of bills, fact sheets for customers, increased notice around bill changes and informing customers of the terms affecting their potential costs.

“In addition to this, over the coming months we’ll continue to proactively contact customers who, we’ve identified, could benefit from reviewing their current energy plan to help make sure they are on the best plan available.”

AGL last week announced new cuts to electricity prices for standing offer customers in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia as part of the Federal Government’s Default Market Offer (DMO).

For customers in those states and Victoria on market offers, electricity prices will not change on 1 July.

About AGL

AGL is committed to helping shape a sustainable energy future for Australia. We operate the country’s largest electricity generation portfolio, we’re its largest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy, and we have 3.6 million customer accounts. Proudly Australian, with more than 180 years of experience, we have a responsibility to provide sustainable, secure and affordable energy for our customers. Our aim is to prosper in a carbon-constrained world and build customer advocacy as our industry transforms. That’s why we have committed to exiting our coal-fired generation by 2050 and why we will continue to develop innovative solutions for our customers.

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