AGL is transforming home energy management by offering Amazon Echo devices to customers who switch to a new energy plan.

Residential customers who sign on to the AGL Savers - Home Connect Plan will receive an Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled speaker which uses the Alexa intelligent voice control service to help them access their account information and manage their energy.

Executive General Manager New Energy Elisabeth Brinton said: “We are excited about how leading smart home technologies like this enable our customers to gain greater transparency and control over their energy.

“The offer to put an Amazon Echo in the homes of customers who switch to this new plan is a great way to take them on a journey to better energy management and showcase our innovation and technology capabilities, like providing energy saving tips through their Amazon Echo devices from March.”

Chief Customer Officer Melissa Reynolds said: “Alexa will help customers make informed decisions about their energy usage by making it more accessible, personal and easier to manage.

“Devices like Amazon Echo provide customers with another way to talk to us. As our lives become busier we look for new and easier ways to communicate and get things done.”

AGL announced in January that users would be able to ask questions about their energy bill by using Alexa and that more AGL features were under development.

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