AGL has announced it will reward its loyal standing offer customers in South Australia with a five per cent discount on electricity usage charges.

“AGL encourages our customers to contact us to access the right offer for their circumstances, however we recognise that not all have engaged so we want to ensure our loyal customers receive lower rates,” said Chief Customer Officer Melissa Reynolds.

“We recently wrote to all our standing offer customers to highlight the offers available in the market. As a result, the number of our customers on standing offers in South Australia fell by 16 per cent between July and December 2017.

“For loyal customers who haven’t engaged in the market, we will now apply an automatic five per cent discount.”

Ms Reynolds said the discount would be offered to households that have been on a standing offer for two years or more with AGL.
The discount will be applied for 12 months starting in March 2018.

For customers who have been on an AGL standing offer for two years and have an average consumption of 4.4 megawatt hours (MWh) per annum, this offer will be cheaper than all other retailers’ published standing offer rates available in South Australia today.

“It is recognition of the fact that although more customers are engaging in the market to access the benefits of competition, not everyone has engaged so we want to assist them in getting a lower rate,” she said.

“There are better market offer contracts available for customers in South Australia. We encourage everyone to engage with the market to find the deal that suits them best.

“We also support the development of a comparator rate to be implemented across the energy industry so customers are not confused by discounts being off different rates.”

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