AGL Energy Limited (AGL) has been fined by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for breaching a condition of its licence following an incident last year at the Rosalind Park Gas Plant.

On the evening of 31 August last year, a pressure safety valve released natural gas from a well head near Spring Farm, Camden. This well had been inactive due to maintenance activities at the gas plant and when coming back online the safety valve activated due to a build-up of pressure.

During the incident, 10,000 standard cubic feet (scf) of natural gas – which is odourless, non-toxic and colourless – was released. This is the equivalent to the space occupied by the air in an average family room.

Over the last six months the EPA has investigated the incident and today issued AGL with a penalty infringement notice (PIN) and fine of $15,000 for a breach of the condition which requires all plant and equipment be maintained and operated in a proper and efficient manner.

“While AGL accepts the result of the EPA investigation, it’s important to note that the incident itself did not cause harm to human health or the environment,” said Jenny O’Brien, Head of Community and Stakeholder Relations.

“Since the incident, corrective actions have been taken at the gas plant to prevent a similar incident occurring again. These have included the installation of additional alarms in the control room to provide early warning of high pressure events at well sites and the review and implementation of operating procedures and maintenance plans.

“AGL shared this information about the corrective actions with the EPA last December.”

About AGL

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