AGL Energy Limited (AGL) has confirmed the latest water monitoring results show no detected levels of an anti-bacterial agent in groundwater around the Waukivory Pilot Project near Gloucester.

AGL tested groundwater and surface water samples for THPS – used to prevent bacterial growth in gas wells – from eight locations, both upstream and downstream from the Waukivory Pilot site before, during and after hydraulic fracturing operations. THPS, known commercially as Tolcide, is also used in the dairy industry as a cleanser.

The results came in today and all groundwater samples tested less than the laboratory test limit of detection for THPS, which is 50 parts per billion,” said Mike Moraza, Group General Manager Upstream Gas.

All surface water results showed THPS levels at less than the limit of detection, with the exception of two; one from upstream of the site and another downstream. However, these results, at 57 and 59 parts per billion, fall within the margin of error limits for the laboratory tests.1

Neither of these readings coincides with detections of the other reportable component of hydraulic fracturing fluid, Monoethanolamine. We believe the fact the detections are nil, negligible and isolated from each other strongly indicates these trace level readings are not from hydraulic fracture stimulation.

We understand the community’s concern for the safety of local water resources and we take our responsibility to protect water very seriously.

Our monitoring and testing regime is of the highest standard. I don’t know of any more thorough testing in this industry than what we have been required to do for our Pilot at Gloucester.

1The lowest level detectable for THPS is 50 parts per billion, with a margin of error of +/- 50 parts per billion. The tests have indicated one reading of 57 parts per billion, taken upstream of the site 24 hours after the fracturing of a well and 59 parts per billion taken downstream of a well one week later. This means THPS has not been detected within the margin of error limits of detection.

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