AGL’s fugitive methane emissions monitoring in Gloucester during the Waukivory Pilot has found “no significant change” to baseline levels recorded before hydraulic fracturing.

AGL hydraulically fractured four existing Waukivory Pilot wells between 27 October and 26 November 2014. Methane emissions monitoring was conducted on 7 November, during the hydraulic fracturing phase of the Pilot.

The monitoring was undertaken using the highly sensitive Picarro device which was fitted to a vehicle driven from AGL’s Gloucester site office, along Bucketts Way, Jacks Road and Fairbairns Road at Gloucester.

According to Pacific Environment’s interim report to AGL, “there was no significant change in ambient methane concentrations detected … when comparing data sets pre and post fracture stimulation”.

The interim report includes baseline monitoring done over four weeks in July/August 2013, January 2014 and 20 October 2014 – all conducted prior to hydraulic fracturing.

The minimum concentrations on both 20 October and 7 November were 1.7 parts per million (ppm) – the global average is 1.8ppm. The maximum on both dates were around 2.2ppm therefore the concentration of methane after hydraulic fracturing was actually less than prior to (see media release).

AGL commissioned the initial and follow-up monitoring in response to community and Gloucester Shire Council requests for fugitive methane emissions testing.

“We’ve listened to the community’s concerns about fugitive emissions and as promised last year, we are making the monitoring results public,” said Jenny MacMahon, Head of Environment.

“We’re pleased with these results and hope it helps put community members’ minds at ease.”


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