A new powdered milk plant being proposed in the Gloucester/Hunter area could be one of the many benefits of a landmark agreement between AGL and peak industry body Dairy Connect. 

Last week in Sydney, AGL’s CEO Michael Fraser and Dairy Connect’s CEO Mike Logan signed a cooperation agreement which could facilitate the development, production and responsible growth of both the dairy and gas industries in NSW. 

This signing with Dairy Connect further strengthens AGL’s partnerships with key agricultural groups, with the long-term goal being AGL providing energy and land to assist dairy-related industries in Gloucester. 

“The agreement has the potential to create jobs, help farmers better manage production costs and in doing so, open up new overseas markets,” said Mr Fraser. 

“Natural gas not only operates side by side agriculture but can also be a powerful contributor to its success. 

“We’re serious about bringing lasting benefits to individual farmers and rural and regional communities.” 

At a community meeting in Gloucester last week attended by more than 60 locals, Mr Logan shared the NSW dairy industry’s aspirations for a powdered milk factory in the Gloucester area. 

“The hope is that powdered milk manufactured locally in Gloucester would be exported to Asia where there is huge demand for high quality Australian milk,” Mr Logan said. 

“This signing of the agreement is the beginning of a really good relationship between the dairy and natural gas industries and the region. 

“We’re encouraged by the potential of having a powdered milk plant in the area and how it will bolster the local economy in Gloucester.” 

AGL has confirmed that natural gas from its Gloucester project will be entirely dedicated to NSW. 

In the coming weeks, AGL and Dairy Connect will be inviting dozens of local farmers to get together to discuss the agreement and how it can be further developed.

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