This summer South Australians can beat the heat and keep energy bills under control by following a few practical tips from AGL Energy Limited (AGL).

During summer people tend to spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, but the warmer weather also means a greater reliance on air conditioning, which can drive up energy usage.

General Manager Marketing & Retail Sales, Mark Brownfield, said cooling accounts for approximately 40 percent of the average home’s energy usage during summer.

“Air conditioning helps keep homes comfortable in the warmer weather, but how you manage it can have a big impact on your summer electricity bills.

“Firstly, invest in a regular service for your air conditioner to ensure it is working efficiently and cooling the space you need it to.  We recommend an annual service for most air conditioners.

“Secondly, ahead of a hot day, limit the amount of heat that enters the home by keeping windows closed and drawing blinds and awnings early.  Only cool the rooms you are using and keep doors closed in rooms that are not being used.

“Thirdly, where possible, use fans until the heat really sets in and when you do turn the air conditioner on set the temperature between 23°C and 26°C.  If the temperature drops in the evening, open up the house to allow the cool air to flow through.

“Summer can also be a good time to consider moving to monthly billing.  By breaking up energy costs into smaller, more frequent payments, it makes bills easier to manage.”

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Top 5 summer energy savings tips from AGL

1. Where possible, set your air conditioner between 23°C and 26°C. Every degree below 23°C could add 10 percent to your cooling costs.

2. In summer, pre-cool your home by closing windows and drawing curtains as well as using awnings for shade. Each year you could save up to $130 a year .

3. Give your air conditioner a break and use a ceiling or portable fan to move air around your home instead.  Each year you could save up to $34.
4. Dry your clothes using the sun or air and reduce energy usage. Each year you could save up to $181.

5. Turn off your second fridge. Each year you could save up to $106.

*All savings calculated using a weighted average of each tariff type and patch (where applicable) according to AGL customer data. Figures are GST inclusive.

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