An independent environmental audit conducted between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2012 for AGL Energy Limited’s (AGL) Camden Gas Project in southwest Sydney has found its environmental performance to be generally satisfactory and in accordance with statutory requirements.

The Independent Environmental Audit 2010 – 2012, conducted by consultants Treo Environment, identified some non-conformance with approval conditions, which AGL is addressing.

The audit also found that five percent of non-conformance items were administrative in nature and of the three percent that related to the environment, none caused actual or potential environmental harm.

One example of non-conformance was not continuously monitoring air emissions, which was identified by AGL in 2012 and reported to the community and regulators. AGL commenced actions to rectify this non-conformance on 15 August 2012 including purchase, installation and operation of a new Continuous Emissions Monitoring System for compressor unit one, and consultation with the New South Wales EPA in relation to potential alternative monitoring methods for compressor units two and three.

The report also concluded that environmental performance may be improved by ensuring more monitoring requirements are completed in accordance with approved programs and conditions of consent.1

AGL’s Upstream Gas Head of Community Relations, Julie Delvecchio, said that while the audit confirms that the Camden Gas Project’s environmental performance is satisfactory, the non-conformances are disappointing for AGL. 

"We strive to deliver 100 percent compliance to fulfil our obligation to the community, to our stakeholders and to the environment.

"Our focus has been to quickly respond to the audit findings and we have progressed or completed actions to address 100 percent of the audit report recommendations, including new continuous air emissions monitoring equipment and improvements to the Compliance Management System.

"AGL is committed to sharing information with the Camden community and we will provide a further update on these actions to the Community Consultative Committee and to the wider community in three months,” said Ms Delvecchio.

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1 Treo Environment, Independent Environmental Audit 2010 – 2012, page 6.

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