Change of Director’s Interest Notice

Information or documents not available now must be given to ASX as soon as available.  Information and documents given to ASX become ASX's property and may be made public.

Introduced 30/9/2001.

ABN 74 115 061 375

We (the entity) give ASX the following information under listing rule 3.19A.2 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section 205G of the Corporations Act.

Date of last notice 4 APRIL 2013

Part 1 - Change of director's relevant interests in securities

In the case of a trust, this includes interests in the trust made available by the responsible entity of the trust 
Note: In the case of a company, interests which come within paragraph (i) of the definition of 'notifiable interest of a director' should be disclosed in this part.

Direct or indirect interest DIRECT
Nature of indirect interest
(including registered holder)
Note: Provide details of the circumstances giving rise to the relevant interest.
Date of change 27 SEPTEMBER 2013
No. of securities held prior to change DIRECT - 3,586
Number acquired 79
Number disposed
Value/Consideration $15.12
No. of securities held after change DIRECT - 3,665
Nature of change
Example: on-market trade, off-market trade, exercise of options, issue of securities under dividend reinvestment plan, participation in buy-back


Part 2 Change of director’s interests in contracts
Note: In the case of a company, interests which come within paragraph (ii) of the definition of 'notifiable interest of a director' should be disclosed in this part

Detail of contract
Name of registered holder
(if issued securities)
Date of change
No. and class of securities to
which interest related prior to change
Note: Details are only required for a contract in relation
to which the interest has changed
Interest acquired
Interest disposed

Note: If consideration is non-cash, provide details and 
an estimated valuation
Interest after change

Part 3 - + Closed Period

Were the interests in the securities or contracts detailed
above traded during a +closed period where prior written
clearance was required?
If so, was prior written clearance provided to allow the
trade to proceed during this period?
If prior written clearance was provided, on what date was
this provided?

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