AGL Energy Limited (AGL) has today urged protestors at its Gloucester Gas Project site to undertake their protest in a safe manner. Mike Moraza, Head of Upstream Gas, said: "We acknowledge people's right to protest and we are committed to continuing to talk to the community about our activities. We understand that people have concerns about coal seam gas and we are committed to explaining better our activities to local communities.

"In the meantime, we urge protesters to also respect our right to go about our activities in an orderly and, most importantly, a safe manner and for them to also do so.

AGL's current drilling program is for gas exploration and is not linked to the 110 gas production wells which were approved earlier this year by the independent Planning Assessment Commission and which were subject to judicial review. "We hold approvals for this exploration program to be conducted on private land and have landowner access agreements in place," said Mr Moraza.

"We'd like the community to k now that we already have a comprehensive groundwater monitoring network in place with about 25 bores that have been gathering data for the last 12 months. In addition, seismic surveys have been used to site these bores and to build our groundwater understanding. This gives us real site specific information about the groundwater conditions across the area.

"What this exploration program will allow is even better data so that if gas production proceeds, it is done so to safely protect water sources."

The current exploration program is called the Waukivory Pilot at Forbesdale. For more information about the project visit theĀ Gloucestor Gas Project website.

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