The ACCC concluded that new entry, together with continued vigorous competition from existing players, would be likely to preserve competitive tension in the retail markets.

The ACCC found that the aggregation of Origin's Uranquity generator with one of the Gentrader bundles would not be likely to provide it with the ability to exercise market power in the wholesale electricity market in New South Wales due to the presence of several competing generators in the market.

The ACCC also concluded that the acquisition of one or more development sites is unlikely to provide Origin or AGL with a material advantage in the development of new generation capacity relative to other generation project developer. Moreover, the aggregation of these with the Gentrader contracts is unlikely to provide the acquirers with increased ability to exercise market power, given the presence of other competitors in the market including other acquirers of generation development sites.

Finally, the ACCC concluded that the vertical integration of generators and retailers arising from the potential acquisitions would not be likely to change incentives for generator bidding or retailer conduct in New South Wales, nor raise barriers to entry in these markets.

A Public Competition Assessment outlining the ACCC's reasons for its decision will be available on the ACCC's website,, in due course.

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