Gloucester Gas Project: Community

Community engagement

To help create ongoing economic benefits to the Gloucester region we have established the $2 million Gloucester Independent Community Fund.

You can view archived Community Consultative Committee documents on the Gloucester Gas Project documents page.

Gloucester Independent Community Legacy Fund

The Panel has allocated approximately $1.8 million toward the creation of more than 70 full-time equivalent sustainable jobs in the Gloucester community and is funding training and education outcomes including a STEM program at the local high schools in the region.

Grants announced

On 1 September 2017, AGL Head of Government and Community Relations Tony Chappel announced that over 70 new jobs have now been created in the Gloucester region, with support from AGL’s Gloucester Independent Community Legacy Fund.

AGL has now provided over $1.8 million in grants from the Fund, to 11 successful applicants, including:

  • GW & KW Forbes – 5 new jobs
    The GW & KW Forbes dairy is a local family farming business. Support from the Fund is expanding the operation, allowing for milking of an additional 800 cows.
  • Hunter Special Vehicles – 2 new jobs
    Hunter Special Vehicles has been operating in the Gloucester region for over 23 years. Support from the Fund will assist with expansion plans and improve staff training.
  • Avon Valley Inn – 4 new jobs
    The Avon Valley Inn has been in operation for over 100 years in the main street of Gloucester. Support from the Fund will assist with construction of a new function centre called the Avon Terrace.
  • Fox Den Café – 2 new jobs
    The Fox Den Café is a local café on the main street of Gloucester. Support from the Fund will assist with expanding and upgrading the kitchen and installation of pizza ovens.
  • Lone Pine Dairy – 2 new jobs
    The Lone Pine Dairy farm is a 100-year-old 4th generation local dairy farm. Support from the Fund will be used for capital expansion projects.
  • Gloucester High School
    The Gloucester High School is a comprehensive school of approximately 360 students. Support from the Fund is being used to create a STEM Pipeline Program, and enhance the existing links between local industry, business and schools.

With the money remaining in the Fund, AGL will soon run a final round, and we encourage local organisations to apply for support.

The Gloucester Independent Community Legacy Fund has also supported the following organisations:

  • Bercol Logging Pty Limited - 10 new jobs
  • Drifta Camping Kitchens Pty Limited - 20 new jobs
  • Gloucester Pre-School - 14 new jobs
  • Leveltec Engineering Pty Limited - 9 new jobs
  • Woven Image Pty Limited - 3 new jobs