AGL Torrens, located 18 km from Adelaide CBD on Torrens Island, is the largest power station in South Australia and the largest natural gas fired power station in Australia.

With a nameplate capacity total of 1,280 MW, the thermal power station burns natural gas in boilers to generate steam, which then drives the turbines to generate electricity. It produces enough power to meet the annual needs of approximately 470,000 average Australian homes.

The gas is supplied via the SEAGas pipeline from Victoria and from Moomba in the Cooper Basin.

Development and maintenance

Construction of AGL Torrens began in 1963 following the passing of a government act vesting the land and authorising construction. ‘A’ Station, which consists of four generating units, became operational in 1967; construction on ‘B’ Station, which also consists of four generating units, was completed in 1976.

The power station employs about 180 people, supplemented by a contractor workforce.

In mid-2017, AGL announced that two of the four Torrens A turbines will be mothballed. The new Barker Inlet Power Station – which is currently being constructed alongside AGL Torrens – will continue to cater for South Australia's generation needs.

Media release: AGL announces development of $295m power station in SA

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Community engagement

AGL is committed to developing and maintaining good relationships with the local communities in which we operate. We believe in more listening, less talking.

AGL’s approach to stakeholder engagement is outlined in the 2017 Sustainability Report, and can be summarised in terms of leaving a positive legacy; AGL will strive to make a net positive social, economic and environmental contribution to the communities in which we operate. AGL’s community engagement commitments that operate under this framework are that AGL will:

  • Be proactive: we will engage with communities early and often, so that we understand and respond to their interests and concerns.
  • Be flexible and inclusive: we will offer a range of engagement opportunities that are tailored to the variety of needs and preferences of the communities in which we operate.
  • Be transparent: we will act honestly and ethically in all our dealings with the communities in which we operate.
  • Support our employees and contractors to engage well: we will provide tools, peer support and training to enable our staff to deliver on our commitment.
  • Continuously improve our engagement: we will evaluate the effectiveness of our engagement and modify it as needed to ensure that our activities address community needs and expectations.

AGL also meets regularly with key stakeholders. Throughout 2016/17, meetings have taken place with the State Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, the State Minister for the Environment, and both the Federal and State Members for Port Adelaide. These meetings allow for the views of the community to be shared with AGL.

To foster wider engagement, we also hold regular presentations and attend events including the SA Government’s Renewable Energy Summit and Energy Symposium; the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Engineering; the SA Energy Users Energy Forum; and a Boardroom Forum with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Adelaide. 

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Community fund

AGL Torrens has a Community Support Fund, which supports local community groups and organisations.

Throughout 2016/17, our major partnerships were with the Australian Marine Wildlife Research Centre and the University of Adelaide’s Ingenuity program designed to support final year engineering students.

As part of a new community program, students and conservation projects will benefit from support from AGL in the Port Adelaide area, near its Torrens Island Power Station.

AGL Torrens will partner with the community in three ways:

  • The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has granted in-principle support for a collaborative pilot project with AGL to establish a program to engage and excite Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander students about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects via holiday workshops.
  • In partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia, AGL Torrens will fund a a range of environmental conservation initiatives across Torrens Island and beyond.
  • Working with TAFE SA, AGL Torrens is offering scholarships to female students in technical training courses in the engineering streams and will host these students on placements as part of their studies.

This new program aligns with our values of sustainability and inclusion, and reflects what our customers and stakeholders expect of our business.

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Torrens Island is located in the Port River estuary and surrounded by the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. This unique estuarine habitat is an important breeding ground to many native fish and bird species.

AGL Torrens is developing a relationship with the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary community as part of broader community environmental initiatives.

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Community complaints enquiries

If you would like to enquire or make a complaint about AGL Torrens, please feel free to contact us via the following channels:

AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries Hotline: 1800 039 600

Mail: AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries, Locked Bag 3013, Australia Square NSW 1215

You can find out more about how AGL engages with the community here and access the Community Complaints and Feedback Policy here.

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