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Makeover ideas: Smarten up your kitchen and laundry

Here are some clever ideas to help you give your kitchen or laundry a little DIY love.

If you’re planning to give your kitchen or laundry a little love, we’ve got some clever ideas to help you master your DIY projects.

Connected cooking

Your kitchen is the ideal place to make the most of the latest smart home technology.

Once connected, you can ask your smart home device to do the cooking legwork for you – like finding the best recipe to try on the weekend, putting together a shopping list and buying the ingredients online from the supermarket using home delivery or click-and-collect.

Another option could be a second-hand smart fridge, alerting you when you’re low on milk or other essentials. You might find newer fridges are much more energy efficient than the older model you currently use, which may help you save on your energy bills. You might even find a special deal on other more energy-efficient appliances and smart home devices from online stores like Facebook Marketplace or Amazon.

Recipe displayed on tablet on kitchen benchtop

Try some new recipes

It’s always fun to experiment with new recipes. When cooking, you can save energy when using low heat and for safety reasons, turn the handles of saucepans away from the stove. Where possible, put lids on pots and fry pans so that you’ll avoid any splashes and use less energy to cook your food.

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Colour pop

An inexpensive and fun way to update the look of your kitchen is to swap out everyday appliances like your toaster and kettle with more colourful options that you may find from online stores like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace.

Choose a model in your favourite shade to add semi-permanent colour – this is ideal if you’ve got a fairly monochromatic kitchen. The latest appliances may be savvier, with improved features compared to older versions.

To add more colour, without the hefty price tag that can come with new paint, splashbacks or tiles, grow a pot of herbs or find vases, artwork and other knickknacks to display in your kitchen space.

eBay or Gumtree are other great places to look for some cost-effective bargains to brighten up your space. Remember that it’s good for your wallet and the environment when you upcycle or shop second-hand.

Sink in kitchen benchtop

A lighter load

The latest washing machines can be controlled by your smartphone, and better still are often more energy and water efficient.

You can turn the washing on via your phone from the comfort of your bed at night, so it is ready to hang out when you wake up. These machines could also alert you when things go wrong or a filter needs changing, potentially avoiding costly technician callouts.

And while technology can be a great home assistant, a bit of research and planning may help you to save time and energy. Choose the best time of day to run the washing machine to take advantage of any off-peak energy rates that you might be able to access.

Simple changes to how you wash your clothes, like switching to a cold-water wash and using your washing machine on a shorter cycle, may also impact how much energy and water you save.

Cabinet reshuffle

A little bored with your kitchen cabinets? It might be time for a reshuffle. You can instantly replace doorknobs or drawer fronts with a fresh, new style. It’s one of the simpler, more affordable things you can do to update the look of your space.

Dark timber cabinetry is still on trend, but more traditional panelled styles are coming back with a nod to classic Hampton-style homes. Take your time selecting a style or design; it can set the scene for the rest of the kitchen.

A man and a woman sitting on their couch scrolling on their phone

Fancy faucets

Copper, brass or black tapware are so hot right now. Whether you go for something sleek and minimalist to match the mood of a contemporary kitchen or a more vintage look, the good news is that there are more choices than ever before. If you’re on the hunt for a bargain, you could scour online marketplaces to see if something you like pops up second-hand.

Smarter storage

Storage options in the kitchen and laundry are getting better every year. There are plenty of ways to hide unattractive appliances and clutter while ensuring the tools you need to whip up a meal are still within easy reach.

As a minimum, you could look at replacing old hinges and runners with touch-to-open doors, telescopic runners and soft-close drawers.

If you’ve got the room and you’re planning a bigger kitchen renovation, see if you can fit a butler’s pantry into the design. Not only are they great for all your everyday pantry items, but these days they also include sinks, dishwashers and even second ovens – it means you can get as messy as you like without it all being on display.

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