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Moving house checklist

There’s a lot of planning involved when you move. One of the most commonly forgotten chores is letting your providers know that you've had a change of address.

There’s a lot of planning involved when you’re moving house. One of the most commonly forgotten chores is letting your contacts and providers know that you've had a change of address. But we're here to help make things easier for you.

Not sure who might need to know about changing your address? Keep an eye on your letterbox and inbox in the weeks before moving to see who sends you official updates. We’ve also made a checklist for you to print out and work through in the lead-up to your big move.

Here’s a quick rundown of who you should try and tell when you change address:

Your workplace. Tell your manager, human resources or payroll department about your change of address so they can update their systems.

Schools. If you have kids at school, or if you’re studying at another educational facility, they’ll need your updated details for their records too.

Accountant. The numbers expert in your life will need to know your change of address and may be able to help you pass those details on to other financial or government agencies.

Driver licence. Contact your state’s transport authority online and they’ll send you a fancy new sticker to go onto the back of your licence.

Superannuation. Your super is usually a case of “out of sight, out of mind” but you’ll need to let them know you’re moving. Give your super fund a call or update your details online.

Banking. Give your bank a call or go to their online services, so that you don’t miss out on any important updates on your accounts.

Pet registration. Have a pet? You’ll need to let your new council know about your four-legged best friend. Many councils will let you do this online and then they’ll send out the collar tag.

Australia Post. You’ll need to tell Australia Post if you’d like your mail redirected after you move and you can do this online too.

Closeup of Australia Post PO Boxes

Government agencies. Create a myGov account at and update your Government services in one place – helping you save time.

  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Medicare
  • Centrelink
  • ATO
  • Your local council

Mobile phone provider. Most mobile phone companies will let you change your address online.

Insurances. The insurance of your car, home and contents, will need to be transferred to your new location. Many insurance companies have online facilities for this, but give them a call if you’re unsure

Memberships and subscriptions. If you’re a member of any organisations or loyalty programs, or subscriber to publications, contact them for details of how to let them know your new address.

Medical services. Any medical services you use will need to be notified of your change of details. You might also want to ask them to transfer your medical records to your new providers. The services you’ll need to get in touch with include:

  • Your GP
  • Dentist
  • Private health insurance
  • Any additional or alternative therapy services
  • Your gym or trainer
  • Veterinarian

Utilities. Arranging the connection of services like electricity, gas, home telephone and internet will take care of the change of address with those providers. With AGL you can move your energy online in just a few clicks, view the progress of your connection online with your personalised move tracker, and come back later when you have time to thoroughly compare and choose the best plan for you – even after you move.

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