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Three apps to make moving house hassle free

Moving house has many moving parts (pun intended), but technology can make the experience a little easier.

Moving house is tiring, but technology can make things a little easier for you.

Moving house has many moving parts (pun intended). On top of all the packing, you might have to book movers or hire vehicles and get a cleaner in and let your utility providers know that you’ve changed your address.

Luckily, these three apps can help make your moving journey a smoother one.

Reduce your clutter

Moving house is a wonderful opportunity to declutter and repurpose some of your unwanted goods. That’s where apps like Depop can help.

Simply download it and once you sell them you can send your outfits and accessories to a loving new home. The hardest part is just deciding which pieces get the cut.

Start by setting aside similar pieces and items you no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in 12 months, pop it in the maybe pile and consider saying goodbye to it.

Depop receives 10% of your sale, so keep this in mind when pricing items. With these decluttering tips and Depop, you might be moving with a little extra cash and a tidier wardrobe in no time.

Thinking outside the box

Packing your whole life into boxes is a huge task. And while planning each new room is exciting, unpacking can feel like a never-ending saga. Trying to find the coffee machine or your jewellery among the towering pile of overflowing boxes can be frustrating.

Consider downloading the Moving Van app to dodge the imminent box pile confusion. With Moving Van, you can designate boxes and their details and list their contents as you pack. Simply name and number a box on the app, take photos, assign where they’ll go in your new place and pack away.

When you and your boxes arrive at the new home, finding the kettle for a cuppa will be a snap.

Streamlining your services

Updating energy, gas and internet service providers and utilities with your new address is a vital part of moving house. No one wants to be without power or Wi-Fi when you move in!

If you’re already an AGL customer it’s easy to move your energy and internet via the AGL app in the Apple or Google Play stores. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll also be able to tell if everything is running smoothly.

For any troubleshooting, the app can connect you directly to an AGL representative in real-time.

Not with AGL yet?

We’ll have the lights on the day you move in. We guarantee you’ll have your electricity and gas on, with one days’ business notice, clear and safe meter access, and ensuring safety requirements are met, and if not we’ll cover your related expenses up to $500 until it’s switched on.

Let's get you moving

When you move house, you can bring your AGL energy and internet with you - or sign up to our latest offers. Connecting is simple, here's how.

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