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Smooth move tips: the best way to move house

Moving house is more than a one-day event - there's a lot to organise. Make your move a smooth one with this list of handy tips.

Whether you’re starting the hunt for a home or days away from the big move, we’ve got handy pointers to help make the process a little easier.

Get to know your new suburb

Spending some time in the areas you’ve earmarked can help you to pinpoint which streets are closest to amenities or where might be cheaper to buy. Plus, it’ll be handy come moving day if you know where to grab your nearest coffee fix.

Out with the old, in with the new

Plan to donate, sell or throw out items well ahead of time. It’ll mean there are less things to move on the day, plus it could give your cash flow a bit of a boost, too.

Update your address

Tell the important people, like your bank, the post office and your employer you’re moving so any important documents don’t get lost along the way.

Have a DIY day

Bought a fixer-upper? Or just spotted a couple of changes you’d like to make? Make the most of an empty house by painting, installing new carpets or just giving it a good clean before moving day.

Take pictures – of everything

If you’re a renter, this is especially important for documenting any existing damage. But it’s also a great reminder of how to set up things like the TV or what exactly was stacked on your bedroom shelves.

Take labelling next level

Sometimes it can be worth going further than just labelling your boxes by room. Write an inventory of exactly what’s in each box and tape it to the side so you can find things much more easily.

Pack creatively

Wrap your breakables in clothes, sheets or towels to protect them in transit. After all, you were packing them anyway, and it’ll help save on the number of boxes you need to move and the amount of waste you need to deal with when you unpack at the other end. It can also help save money on packing materials.

Guarantee the power will be on

There’s nothing worse than being stuck without lighting or hot water once you’ve moved in. Make sure you’re not left in the dark with AGL’s Power On Guarantee*.

Pack a survival kit

Easily access your essentials on day one at your new place and save yourself the trouble of scouring every last box for your toothbrush. Some ideas for things to include in your survival bag could be bathroom supplies, scissors, a screwdriver, toilet paper, a torch, snacks, a phone charger, a change of clothes and anything else that you might need over the first 24 hours – rather than rifling through boxes!

Don’t forget to download and print out our ‘changing your address’ checklist – it’ll help make sure you tell all of the right people and businesses about your big move.

Move with AGL

Move home with ease – it’s simple, fast and hassle-free to get energy and internet connected in your new home.

*If your power’s not on after the agreed day, we’ll cover your related expenses up to $250 a day until it’s on. One business day’s notice and clear, safe meter access is required.

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