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Setting up energy and internet in your new home

When moving house, one of the first things you should do is connect your energy and internet. Here’s how.

Often, it's the little things we forget to set up that may cause unnecessary stress. A little bit of planning beforehand will go a long way towards a smooth move.

It's easy to get lost in all the excitement when moving home.

There's the last-minute cull of clothing, items and appliances. The packing upon packing of the goods you deem most precious. But often, it's the little things we forget to set up that can derail the experience. Things like the energy that turns on your lights, or the internet that connects you to the outside world and gives your home a voice.

Here are some things to consider when connecting energy and internet in your new home.

Is nbn™ available?

One of the first things you'll want to check is whether the nbn™ network is available at your new address – you can check your address here.

If not, you may have to explore some other options, so you can connect to the internet before you move into your new home.

Are you on a contract?

If you are under contract with your current service provider and can't continue with that provider at your new residence, you might have to investigate how to exit on good terms. The cancellation costs are largely dependent on the length of the contract that remains.

While you are locked in, 12- or 24-month agreements often come with benefits – like a free modem when you sign up. Conversely, you can explore no lock-in contracts that allow you to bring your own modem. Whichever you choose, when signing up it is worth investigating how a move may impact your deal.

Can you use your current equipment?

If you are switching from an ADSL to an nbn plan, the good news is nearly every nbn plan deal comes with a modem provided should you choose to go into a long-term contract.

It’s only on the occasions where you have opted for a no lock-in contract that you may be required to purchase an nbn modem separately.

In some instances, the modem will simply be part of the package and it’s unavoidable – in others, you may be able to keep your current modem, request some help with switching the settings, and save a significant figure on your new setup.

Lady using phone on chair

Moving from one address to the next

In an age where we want everything immediately, the wait time to set up your internet seems increasingly frustrating. It's recommended that you organise the nbn connection at your new address at least two weeks before you move in.

With today's lifestyle, service providers understand the importance of the internet to the average person’s professional and personal life. Like anything, it’s best to be assertive and get on the front foot in organising the set-up with your new provider, and don’t be shy about asking a string of queries to ensure you have everything in order.

In the transition period of moving, it may be handy to look at your hot-spot settings just in case you need it to tie you over for a day or two.

Consider what new service you sign up to

Owning your own home gives you a level of stability that certainly increases your options with service providers, as you may be able to access better-priced deals if you are in the position to commit to a longer-term agreement.

If you are renting your new property, it may be beneficial in the long term to sign a no lock-in contract – the freedom to cancel or change your plan at any time provides flexibility.

From there, be open with providers about exactly what you want to achieve with your internet connection. What kind of speeds do you require? At home, do you use it mainly for social, professional or entertainment? The first is relatively light on data-binging, but the latter two may rely upon transferring significant files or streaming regular movie-length HD videos. By also consolidating your service providers when you move, you can cover both bases in one hit.

Where offers appear similar, it's always recommended to spend some time reading over the review provided online.

While anecdotal evidence from friends and family can pull you in different directions, paying closer attention to those that live within a relatively close distance of your location will help, as they will be familiar with the potential quirks of your new postcode.

Now all in one place

You can save on your internet plan when you combine with AGL energy.

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