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The future of energy efficiency

We explore the technology helping to transform how you can manage and save energy around the home.

A new era of energy efficiency is being driven by fast, accessible, reliable tech. Consumers are tapping into smart-home technology and are using connected apps to improve efficiency and lifestyle convenience.

The dialogue between humans and machines is becoming ever more sophisticated. They call it the “Internet of Things,” but you might simply call it progress. It allows connected machines to talk to us and each other.

These machines collect real-time data to complete tasks around the home efficiently. From turning off lights when you're not in the room to helping moderate your energy usetech devices like the Sensibo Sky allow people to automate household tasks and, in turn, create much-needed headspace for the important things in life.

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Save with Peak Energy Rewards

Brisbane local Hayden Murray is one of the many customers to try Sensibo Sky. It aims to reduce energy use and help people save more energy during peak times when electricity is in high demand. Think of a hot summer afternoon – people come home from work, air cons crank up, lights and TVs turn on, fridges open and ovens switch on. All this activity puts pressure on the electricity grid.

After spending more time at home, Hayden’s been able to manage his energy with the touch of a button and optimise the temperature in his home when, and from where, it suits him.


“I joined the AGL Peak Energy Rewards program towards the end of December 2020. It was extremely easy to set up and I love the fact I no longer need the remote to turn on or adjust the AC”, says Hayden.
Customer James controlling his aircon via his mobile

How does it work? 

Our Peak Energy Rewards program works by offering customers the option to use less than their typical electricity usage over a two-hour ‘peak event’ and in turn, be rewarded with credits on their electricity account.

We ask customers to opt-in allowing their split system air conditioner to be managed remotely by our energy experts at particular times. During these ‘peak events’, our energy experts adjust the fan speed or increase the temperature slightly to make it easier for people to save money and draw less electricity from the grid

At the end of the peak event, we remotely reset air conditioners back to their pre-peak event settings. You’re always in control of your comfort and can override the changes at any time (although this may mean they are not entitled to bill credits for that peak event).

Closeup of energy usage displayed in the AGL app

The connected home of the future

One of the key benefits of smart home technology is helping customers monitor energy consumption and utilise a host of products that can help reduce energy use.

Smart lighting can be turned on and off from your phone or automatically turned off when not in the room.

Heating and cooling systems can activate automatically based on temperature or be controlled remotely so you can turn them on or off while you’re away from home.

Washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves, and dishwashers can be connected so you can turn them on remotely at off-peak times, even if you’re not at home. The possibilities are immense.

Hayden hopes that, in the future, other people will utilise smart home devices across Australia to realise the benefits of reducing their energy use without compromising their lifestyle.

"I hope to see more smart home devices in households that show real time energy usage and tips on how to reduce usage. I believe a lot of people could benefit from adopting this technology across Australia.”

More than just energy

These days customers are more involved in their decision-making around how they buy and consume energy. Lowering bills is one thing, but the bigger impact on a sustainable future plays a key role as well.

An environmentally conscious energy approach also aligns with Hayden’s plans for the way he uses his energy. He believes more people should consider the environmental impact and support the grid when making decisions.

“Energy savings can be something we all do to play our part in a more sustainable future. With a few simple habit changes, not only can the financial benefits add up over a year, but the positive effects on the environment can as well”, says Hayden.

Save more on your home energy bill

Reward yourself with bill credits for reducing your home energy use during peak times.

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