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What to expect when moving to a new suburb, town or city

We can’t shift furniture or clean the house, but we can share what to expect when it comes to moving your energy and internet services.

Are you ready for your big move? Whether it’s near or far, we’ll share a few tips to make planning ahead easier.

Moving home looks different for all of us – it could be to a new suburb or city. You could be moving a lot or a little. We can’t help you shift furniture or clean the house, but we can share what to expect when it comes to moving your energy and telco services so that moving to a new street, town or state is as smooth as possible.

Planning ahead

Regardless of where you’re moving, you’ll need to select new plans for your internet and energy services.

Depending on your new address, it’s important to remember the costs of your new energy plan will probably differ from your current one. Additionally, if the home has solar, we can’t guarantee you’ll have the same feed-in tariffs as the previous owners. That’s because the tariffs depend on the new area’s local energy distribution network.

We recommend organising your new energy plan a week before your move. If you’re moving to a rural area, we suggest leaving some extra wiggle room, as there is potential for delays in energy connections and meter reads.

If you arrive at your new home and the power isn’t on – even though you’ve booked in the right timeframe and ensured a safe site and clear, safe meter access, we’re here to help. Our Power On Guarantee will cover related expenses of up $500 a day until your home has the lights on.

When you contact us to secure your energy plan, ask us about our internet deals. We’ll help you pick the right internet plan and if needed, arrange a new modem for your home. Please note that we recommend organising your new internet plan two to four weeks before your move as connection times can vary.

Signing up for new plans is simple. You can estimate new costs and explore your new plan options for energy and internet online before booking your move.

Take the modem, leave the nbn® connection box

Though your modem and nbn connection box work hand in hand, sometimes even the best partnerships must break up. It’s important to remember that no matter where you’re moving, you cannot take the nbn connection box with you – it must stay at your old property. This is because each nbn connection box is specifically coded to each residence when installed. That means it won’t work at your new home.

If you get to your new home and there’s no nbn connection box, call us. When you sign up for our nbn plan, we’ll also organise an nbn appointment, and one of their technicians will visit the property and install an nbn connection box. On the day of installation, make sure someone over 18 is present on the property.

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New number, who’s this?

Before you move, if you have a home phone service linked with your nbn plan, you may be able to transfer your old home phone number to your new property along with your nbn plan. However, if you’re moving to a new state, we recommend changing your home phone number.

That’s because your old home phone number will carry the area code of your previous state. By retaining this number, your calls could be charged as a timed call depending on your provider – even if you’re calling someone in the same state as you. Extra charges like this can really add up on top of the moving costs you’ve already shouldered. So grab that new number. Memorising those new digits is certainly worth the money you’ll save in the long run.

Moving near or far

No matter where you’re moving, we’ve got your back with 24/7 assistance and bundled services to help you save.

If you’re a new customer, you can sign up for a new plan online. And if you’re already with us, you can call our friendly team to organise your new plan and move. We’ll help you track the whole process through SMS updates.

nbn®, nbn co and other nbn® logos and brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.

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