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Moving day is coming – here’s what you need to know

Whether you’re setting up your first apartment or shifting to a family-sized home, we’re here to help you connect your energy and internet on move day.

There’s a lot to think about before moving day, including getting your internet and energy hooked up. So we’re here to lessen the load with answers to a few moving FAQs.

Whether you’re setting up in your first apartment or moving to a family-sized home, it’s important to make sure you have your energy and internet sorted. We’re here to help you connect as soon as you put the keys in the door. Here are a few things to keep in mind, so you can enjoy your new home from day one.

When and how do I book to have my internet and energy moved?

If you need an internet move, you need to book it two to four weeks before your moving day. Give us a call on 131 245 and the team will help you organise the details around your new plan.

You can book to move your energy services through our website, over the phone or, if you’re an existing customer, through the AGL app. You can book an energy move 24/7.

We suggest booking your energy move one week before your moving day. If you need it done faster than this, you can connect with one of our helpful agents through live chat. Alternatively, you can contact us over the phone – we’re always here to help. 

How long will it take?

Gas and electricity will take three business days to disconnect and reconnect at your new home. This usually takes place within business hours, and there can be waiting times.  In some cases, same-day connections can be made for electricity.  

Internet service installation times can vary depending on many factors such as your new home’s location, its current network access and connections, and if it’s connected to the nbn® network.

We always recommend leaving some wiggle room and considering the two to four-week time frame when booking. 

Can I transfer my energy and internet at the same time?

You can plan your energy and internet move in one phone call. However, you will be transferred to a different agent to organise each service – even if they’re bundled with AGL. This is because they’re handled through different agents and systems.  

The process for both is quick and easy thanks to our helpful team. And bundling your services still has great advantages, such as exclusive savings and streamlined services.  

What do I need to do before the move?

Before you leave your old home, make sure your main switch is off – this is what supplies power to the home from the main power source. Additionally, make sure there is clear access to the meter and main switch at your new and old properties.  

For your internet, make sure you leave the nbn connection box at your old place. Taking it will just waste precious packing space – they won’t even work at your new home.  

Most importantly, be organised and plan ahead. 

Do I need to be at the property when my internet and energy move?

For internet, energy and gas you usually don’t need to be at the property. But there are a few circumstances that will require your presence.

  • If your new property doesn’t have an nbn connection box, call us. We’ll organise an nbn appointment for you, and one of their technicians will come over and connect you. Please note, someone over 18 will have to be on the property for this.
  • If you don’t have a smart meter or if there is an issue with the smart meter, you will need to be at the property. If this is the case, please make sure there’s clear access to your new home’s meter and main switch. This includes restraining your pets if you have them – even the friendly ones. If there isn’t clear access, your distributor will not be able to insert the fuse into your main switch for reconnection, and you won’t have power. Also, ensure that the main switch is off – if it’s not, the distributor cannot re-energise the home for safety reasons.
  • Some distributors require an adult to be on site for an energy reconnection (NSW) or a visual inspection (QLD) if the power is off at your new property. If this is needed, you’ll be notified while signing up for your new plan and booking move.

What happens if my power isn’t connected when I move in?

This is rare if you’ve booked your move in the suggested time frames and followed the steps above. However, if it does happen, here’s what to do:

  1. Check to see if the main switch is on. If it’s off, turn it on and see if this activates your power.
  2. If it doesn’t, check and see if the distributor has left a calling card in the letterbox or under/on the front door. Contact them.
  3. If there’s no calling card, ring us to find out what happened. You could be eligible for a same-day connection – but please note if this is not an AGL fault, fees may apply.

Our team will always do everything they can to ensure your power is connected on moving day. That’s why, with just one business days’ notice, clear, safe meter access and ensuring site safety requirements are met, you can rely on us to connect your electricity on the day you move in.

Because, if it’s not, we’ll cover your related expenses up to $500 a day until the lights in your new home are on. That’s our Power On Guarantee.

We’re here to support you

If you’re vulnerable or experiencing family violence, we want to assist you through our payment assistance options and free connection to financial counselling.  

We take your privacy and safety seriously. You can call us on 131 245 to speak to someone safely about your situation. If there is an immediate threat to your life, please call 000.  

Learn more about our commitment to assisting those experiencing family and domestic violence.

Are you ready for your big move?

Moving day is different for everyone. It could involve moving the whole family or just yourself – it could be near or far. But no matter what your move looks like there’s a lot to cover. And while we can’t lift the boxes or help pack, our friendly team is here to assist you with other moving day details.  

If you’re a new customer, you can start booking a move and comparing energy and nbn plans online. If you’re an existing customer, call our team and start planning over the phone today. We’ll help you track the whole process through SMS updates.

Book your move with us

We're here to make your move day as smooth as possible. If you're ready to get connected, let's get started today.

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