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How to get started with AGL mobile plans

Did you know we now offer mobile phone plans to suit your needs - and signing up is super simple? Here's how to get started with AGL Mobile.

With flexible mobile phone plans to suit your needs, AGL Mobile is here to keep you connected – and signing up is super simple.

We’ve been promoting innovation and progress for 185 years now – from cleaner energy to the NBN. We’re always looking for smart, reliable options that add value to our customers.

That’s why we created AGL Mobile SIM only plans. With flexible, carbon neutral plans and excellent coverage powered by the Optus Network, they’re here to keep you connected with family and friends.

Mobile plans start at just $15 per month with 5GB of data and unlimited standard national talk and text. And if you’re an existing AGL customer, they’re even more affordable. Setting up your AGL mobile phone plan is easy – just take a look at the helpful tips below.

How do I get started?

Visit our AGL Mobile phone plan page and choose the mobile plan that works for you. Bring your own device and enjoy no lock-in contract on these month-to-month options. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Add a mobile phone plan to your cart
  2. Tell us if you’re a new or existing AGL customer. You’ll be asked to login if you’re already with us
    If you’re keeping your existing number, you’ll need to provide it with an account number or date of birth. You’ll also be asked to authenticate your number by following a couple of quick steps
  3. Enter your personal details. If you’re new to AGL, you’ll need a driver’s license, Medicare card or a passport to sign up
  4. Enter your payment details
  5. Make sure the information you have provided is correct and submit.

Now sit back and wait for your new SIM to arrive.

Blue squared icon with plus symbol in the middle

Combine internet and mobile and save

Save $15/mth on your nbn plan and $5/mth on your mobile plan when you combine with AGL.

When will my SIM arrive?

We’ll send your new SIM within two business days. Depending on where you live, it can take around five to ten business days to arrive on your doorstep.

How do I activate my SIM?

Simply follow the helpful step-by-step instructions included with your SIM. Once you complete the steps, your SIM will become active in as little as an hour or up to two business days.

You can activate your SIM online here.

How long will it take to transfer my mobile number?

Transfer times can vary but your number will port to your new SIM within 48 hours from when you submit your request to activate.

If you’re transferring a current number to your new SIM, wait until your previous provider stops working (this is how you’ll know your new SIM is ready), then insert the SIM into your phone. There’s no need to contact your old provider about porting your number to a new mobile phone plan.

Is my phone compatible?

All AGL Mobile plans are SIM-only plans, so you need to bring your own phone. Plans like these are great for the kids’ first phone or if you’re after flexibility.

When choosing a device, make sure it isn’t locked in with another provider and that it’s compatible with the Optus network. This means it must be able to access a 3G (900 MHz) or a 4G network.

AGL SIM cards are a multi-fit SIM, which means you can adjust their size to fit most standard mobile phones. If you need more information on your phone’s needs, check its instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.

How do I pay my phone bills?

You can pay your phone bill from the palm of your hand, thanks to the AGL App. Simply download it on your smartphone and login. Go to the ‘Telco’ tab and tap ‘Make A Payment’ to get started.

With an AGL sim only plan, accounts are billed in advance. Your first bill will include fees for the upcoming month and any partial amount for your first month.

Remember, if you disconnect at any time, you may be eligible to have the advance month bill credited back to you. You’ll just need to pay any outstanding charges and fees outside your monthly allowances.

How much data do I get?

The amount of data on each mobile phone plan varies, so choose the one that fits your usage best.

If you happen to go over your limit, we’ll automatically boost your mobile data plan with 1GB for $10, up to 3GB in a billing period. If you use up this boost, your data will be disconnected for the rest of the period. Any additional data used before your data is disconnected will be charged to your account for $0.01 per MB. If you’d like to continue to use additional data ($0.01 per MB block), you can contact us on 1300 361 676.

Any unused data at the end of the billing period expires.

Can I make international calls?

AGL SIM only mobile plans are here to connect you with people wherever they are. Both our medium and large mobile phone plans include credit for international calls. To learn more about international call pricing, visit our international rates page.

From 1 March 2022 to 31 March 2022, we’ll also credit back any calls and SMS made to Ukraine from AGL Mobile services. 

AGL Mobile SIM plans

Are you ready to get started? Explore our flexible and affordable, month-to-month Mobile SIM plans with no lock-in contracts today.

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