AGL responds to the proposed telemarketing ban under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program

While AGL recognise that the marketing of the VEU activities is an important tool for engagement and participation in the scheme, the protection of consumers, especially vulnerable consumers, from unethical marketing behaviour and high-pressure sales tactics is paramount. Accordingly, AGL supports the proposed ban on certain telemarketing activities under the VEU program.

To balance the removal of telemarketing and doorknocking activities from the VEU with the need to generate sufficient VEECs in the market, we recommend that DEECA:

  • Expedite the delivery of new and revised planned activities under the VEU, preferably prior to the telemarketing and doorknocking ban taking effect; and
  • Develop and undertake an expanded consumer awareness and education campaign to continue to inform consumers of their entitlements under the VEU, encourage customer participation and promote the benefits of the energy efficiency program for residential, SME and large customers.

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