We'd like to thank you for being an AGL customer by inviting you to join our exclusive and complimentary rewards program.

As a member of AGL Rewards, you will be rewarded with special offers, discounts and benefits at over 1,600 participating businesses nationally.

Enjoy great benefits

  • Discounts on a range of popular gift cards.

  • Discounted movie tickets.

  • Up to 50% off meals at selected restaurants.

  • Discounted travel and accommodation.

  • Exclusive offers on AGL products and services.

  • Experiences, attraction and theme park discounts.

New offers every month

We'll keep you up-to-date with special offers via a monthly AGL Rewards e-newsletter or you can search our offers anytime at aglrewards.com.au

Save money in all areas of your life, from groceries to getaways

Find out how much you could save with our handy savings calculator.

Joining is easy

Simply complete the registration form online or call 1300 135 208 to speak to an AGL energy consultant. All you need is your AGL account number and your email address.

Already a member?

Make the most of your rewards today by visiting aglrewards.com.au for the latest offers.

Top FAQs

What is AGL Rewards?

By limydoo    28/Apr/2016/5:25AM

The AGL Rewards program is free to our valued customers. It is our way of recognising, rewarding you and saying thank you for being an AGL customer.

From ordering discounted gift cards and movie tickets to booking amazing holidays at the hottest prices, it's the place where you'll find treats for yo...

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How can I use AGL Rewards?

By limydoo    28/Apr/2016/5:30AM

To make a purchase, head to the AGL Rewards website on your computer or from your smartphone or tablet.

When you dine out at one of our listed establishments, just present your card – either the plastic version or the e-card on your phone – to your waiter when it comes time to settle the bill t...

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What do I need to register for AGL Rewards?

By limydoo    28/Apr/2016/5:31AM

So you can access the program's benefits online, all we need is your email address in order to set up your secure member login at aglrewards.com.au.

We'll also send a monthly AGL Rewards e-newsletter to this email address, which will share the latest offers as well as ways for getting the most out o...

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How often can I use AGL Rewards?

By limydoo    28/Apr/2016/5:32AM

You can use AGL Rewards as many times as you'd like, or until your membership expires.

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What happens if my AGL Rewards card isn't accepted?

By limydoo    28/Apr/2016/5:33AM

It shouldn't happen, but if a listed establishment does refuse to honour your AGL Rewards card, simply contact us (see below) within 30 days and share your membership name and number, a copy of the bill and the details for the claim.

Phone: 1300 397 079
Fax: 08 8298 5534
Email: aglrewards@agl.com.au

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