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Long-time customer Karen shares her love for family and footy

After being with us for 20 years, Karen's embraced technology and switched to direct debit, making life simpler.

Karen & Gerald Kay have lived in their family home for over 53 years and have been AGL customers for over 20 years. They’ve experienced the highs and lows of life, but remain loyal to the things that matter most.

Guided by their love for footy and family, they’ve crafted a home with dozens of family photos, a dedicated St Kilda memorabilia room and have hosted hundreds of family dinners, celebrations and footy match viewings over the past 53 years.

And even though their children moved out long ago, Karen and Gerald have no intention of leaving this special space, as they can host all eight of their grandchildren quite comfortably.

“It’s just us two and our dog Shadow in this very big house, but we just love it here,” Karen says. “We talked about moving to a smaller place after the kids moved out, but we’ve got too much junk to move anywhere else!”

And perhaps the only thing that can rival Karen’s love for her family? Her dear St. Kilda Saints AFL football club. You don’t have to spend long in the presence of this grandmother to feel her enthusiasm for footy.

“I’m certainly a sports fanatic,” she says. “I’ve been a Saints supporter for 36 consecutive years. If I get the opportunity to go to a match I’ll go and enjoy the atmosphere – that’s when you really feel the excitement. It’s just incredible.”

While the house – and the Saints – have certainly experienced their own renovations and changes over the last five-plus decades, one thing that hasn’t changed is Karen and Gerald’s loyalty to AGL.

“My husband and I have been loyal to any company that we've been with and AGL we've been with for nearly 20 years next year, and they've been good to us”, says Karen.
Husband and wife in the hallway with their dog

Years of dependability

Karen says she and Gerald have “always” been with AGL, using gas and electricity services for as long as they can remember. They’ve had no reason to switch, their experience has been “effortless, easy and we’ve had no issues.

“We can say that we haven’t had any problems. All along the way, they’ve been a company that has done what we’ve wanted and we’ve got out of them what we’ve wanted”, says Karen.

The Kays have had the power to do everything from making their morning toast and coffee, to firing up the gas stovetop for family meals, to switching on the TV and watching another mighty Saints game.

And with the ups and downs of a footy club – and the comings and goings of family members through the Carnegie home – Karen and Gerald have always been able to count on AGL’s support and service over the years.

“AGL is very reliable – I can’t say that we’ve ever had a hiccup in our many years with them,” Karen says.
Karen - AGL's oldest customer

A transformation over the years

Karen & Gerald have embraced the transformation in technology over the years, making it easier for them to pay their bills each month. They’ve moved from the old-fashioned way of paying by phone or mailing a cheque, to now use a simple direct debit payment method.

“We’re now on direct debit with AGL, so we just get an email letting us know when the money will be deducted from our account,” she says. “It makes our lives so much easier.”

“They’re probably the best value you can have,” Karen says.

Singing for the Saints Angles

St. Kilda holds a special place in Karen’s heart and the Kay home. One of the rooms in the Carnegie house is dedicated to Saints memorabilia. It holds dozens of photos, trading cards, guernseys, signs, signatures and more from famous players throughout the years.

But Karen’s love for the club extends far beyond the walls of her home. She’s also a proud member of the St. Kilda Angels. Karen and other members of the supporters group show their love by volunteering their time to raise funds for community programs and prepare lunches for players to keep them fueled up during the grueling season. They even attend private training sessions to motivate the boys. The group is often referred to as the club’s “grandparents” – something Karen knows plenty about with seven cherished grandchildren of her own.

Karen was excited to hear we were named the club’s official energy partner before the 2021 season. After all, if anybody knows about the power of our reliable support, it’s the Kays.

“I was very pleased to hear AGL were coming on with the St. Kilda Football Club as a partner,” she says. “Hopefully that will help us win another premiership, which would be absolutely fantastic.”

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