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Four ways to make your home more energy efficient

This infographic highlights how you can reduce your household energy use in just four easy steps.

From fridges and freezers to lights and computers, energy powers just about every facet of Australians’ lives.

And while energy use is easy to overlook, a few small changes around the house could seriously reduce your energy consumption.

Give your fridge space to breathe. Leaving a 5-8cm gap around your fridge for air to circulate will reduce its energy use by around 15%.
Setting your fridge to 4-5 degrees Celsius helps it use less energy.
Switch to LEDs. Switching a 40W halogen for a 10W LED could save 67kWh per year.
The equivalent of boiling the kettle 415 times.
In the laundry. The most energy efficient way to dry your clothes is on the line in the sun. Three loads a week in a vented dryer can cost over $250 per year.
A cold machine wash can significantly reduce energy use.
 Climate control. Heating and cooling can account for up to 40% of a household's energy use. Every degree above 20 degrees Celsius can increase your energy usage by 10%.
Set your heater 18-20 degrees Celsius.
In summer, close curtains during the day to avoid overheating your home. Open windows when the temperature drops. In winter, open curtains during the day to let the sun in. Close them before dark to retain heat.

Get in tune with your energy usage

Using smart meter data and clever algorithms, Energy Insights estimates how much electricity your home uses on heating, cooling, lighting, laundry, standby and more. You have greater visibility of your electricity usage and can take control of running costs to find out where you could start saving.


1. Not having the requisite space around the fridge could increase energy consumption by 15% - an additional 67Wh/year based on an assumption that a typical 500-600L fridge uses around 447kWh/year.

2. Set fridges to 3°C - 5°C to use less energy.

3. 30 watts difference between halogen and LEDs, based on six hours of use per day for 365 days, equals 65.7kWh in a year.

4. Based on the assumption that boiling a 1.7L kettle uses 0.1583kWh of electricity.

5. Three loads a week in a vented dryer can cost over $250 per year

6. A cold machine wash can significantly reduce energy use

7. Glazing | YourHome

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